Braces Make Beautiful Smile

    Some appliances offered:
  • Mini Stainless Steel Braces
    Assorted colored attachments are available
  • Clear Ceramic Braces
    Cosmetic braces
  • Gold (14K) Plated Braces
  • Lingual Braces
    Stainless steel braces behind your teeth
  • Invisalign Appliance
    Straighten your teeth without braces, for adults only with a good bite.
    We also offer these special appliances:
  • Herbst Appliance
    Stimulates lower jaw growth
  • Expander appliance
    Widens your mouth
  • Habit correcting appliance
    Helps to stop harmful habits
  • Space maintainers
    Holds spaces from early loss of baby teeth
  • Occlusal splint or nightguard appliance
    Prevents excessive wearing of teeth or for TMJ dysfunction

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Garland Office:
Seville Square

1301 Northwest Hwy., Suite 201
Garland, Texas 75041
Map and direction
Phone: 972 - 926 - 5800
Fax: 972 - 926 - 5880
Office hours: Monday to Wednesday.
Please call for specific times.
Ennis Office:
900 West Ennis Ave., Suite #105
Ennis, Texas 75119
Map and direction
Phone: 972 - 875 - 6504
Office hours: Friday and Saturday.
Please call for specific times.
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