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  Question: Why should I be concerned about a bad bite or misfit of my teeth?

  Answer: Bad bites can be detrimental to a patient's dental health by possibly causing premature wear on the teeth, asymmetrical jaw growth, difficulty in hygiene, or malfunctioning bite. Orthodontics will align your teeth for optimum function, hygiene, and appearance.

  Question: Will I have to wear retainers?

  Answer: Orthodontics is a process of moving teeth through the bone into their new position. Following active orthodontic treatment, retainers will be placed. This is very important to maintain the new position of your teeth! Once stabilization occurs, continued retainer wear is recommended/ Like all parts of the body, teeth are constantly changing and adapting. Only conscientious wear of the retainers will keep movement to a minimum.

  Question: Do habits like thumb sucking cause a problem?

  Answer: Prolonged habits can indeed affect the way the teeth grow in and will ultimately affect the bite. Other habits such as open mouth breathing, finger sucking, or lip biting can also cause complications. Early examination by an orthodontist will determine if treatment will aid in getting habits stopped

  Question: Will insurance pay for treatment?

  Answer: Today many dental policies include orthodontic benefits. Once eligibility has been determined, the remaining balance is divided out for the patient to pay without interest.

  Question: Will I still be able to play sports?

  Answer: Yes. It is recommended, however, that patients protect their smiles by wearing a mouth guard when participating in any sporting activity. Mouth guards are inexpensive, comfortable, and come in an exciting variety of colors and patterns.

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